What are the advantages of TPE,TPR compared with PVC?

  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
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What are the advantages of TPE,TPR compared with PVC?

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-21
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  TPE/TPR and PVC both belong to soft hardness-adjustable polymer materials. It is difficult to distinguish them by the naked eye alone, and the processing performance and application fields of the two types of materials can be said to be relatively similar, but many users who come into contact with plastics are familiar with PVC, and know little about TPE/TPR. Today, as a famous TPE manufacturer for 14 years, we will briefly explain what are the advantages of TPE/TPR compared to PVC?

  Advantage one: more environmentally friendly non-toxic safety

  TPE/TPR is non-toxic and odorless, does not contain plasticizer (phthalate), does not contain heavy metals, does not contain nonylphenol NP, does not contain PAHs, does not contain bisphenol A, in line with EN71, REACH, FDA testing standards.

  Advantage two: good low temperature resistance

  TPE/TPR material can withstand low temperature -50℃ without hardening and becoming brittle, and still maintain good elasticity.

  Advantage three: more comfortable soft touch and non-slip property

  TPE/TPR has the characteristics closer to rubber, more elastic touch, and better comfortable non-slip characteristics.

  Advantage 4: Higher cost performance

  With the continuous innovation of TPE manufacturers, TPE/TPR materials with higher cost performance are developed. The price of general-purpose TPE/TPR grade can be as low as 8000~10000 yuan a ton, and the water mouth material can be recycled, and its cost performance is comparable to PVC.

  Considering from the comprehensive performance, first from the product value, in many fields or industries, TPE/TPR has more advantages than PVC! At present, in the medical industry, toy industry, electronic wire, wire and cable and other industry fields, replacing PVC with TPE/TPR is a major trend.


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