Analysis of black spot problem of TPE/TPR products

  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
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Analysis of black spot problem of TPE/TPR products

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
  • Views:995

  TPE/TPR products with black spots should be analyzed according to the condition of the black spots and the possible causes.

  (1) If there is a large area of black spots on the product, it may be that the production workshop is dusty, and there is dust or debris in the feeding port or mold cavity, which leads to more black spots on the product injection.

  As a countermeasure, the injection molding workshop should be renovated and upgraded to build a clean workshop, which is beneficial to the production and processing, as well as to the safety and health of employees.

  (2) The black spots always appear on the product at a certain location. It may be that the screw cleaning is not clean, there are residual dead-end dirt is not cleaned up.

  As a countermeasure to solve the problem, you should follow the screw cleaning specification operation to do the cleaning work. If necessary, the screw should be removed to completely solve the problem.

  The above is an analysis of the possible factors of TPE injection black spots from the production equipment and place. In fact, sometimes the TPE and TPR rubber particles themselves contain black spots or small parts of the particles are black, which may also lead to the inevitable black spots. This is a problem of material quality, and should be properly handled by the supplier.

  Then from the supplier level analysis of TPE, TPR particles of raw materials. In fact, it is also the same situation as TPE, TPR in injection molding products.

  (1) in TPE, TPR granulation, should also be repeatedly cleaned screw (especially just produced black products, followed by the production of transparent or light-colored products, special attention should be paid to screw cleaning, but now, more large-scale enterprises, there will be multiple production lines, a color product with a production line to do, in order to reduce the loss of washing machine, improve production efficiency, while reducing the appearance of the particles color), to prevent the lighter products from being made. (problem), to prevent the light-colored particles made to produce black spots. In the beginning of the production of new varieties should pay more attention to the first inspection, to see whether the particles have black spots and other appearance abnormalities, such as problems, should immediately stop the rectification, to avoid more substandard products.

  (2) Workshop environment hygiene. Should pay attention to the production equipment and the surrounding hygiene and cleanliness, to prevent dust pollution to the finished particles. Before the finished products are packed into the warehouse, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the surface of the material particles, whether they contain dust or dust, to prevent unqualified products from entering the warehouse and flowing to the downstream market.


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