Subo company provides professional TPE encapsulation material solutions

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Subo company provides professional TPE encapsulation material solutions

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The TPE encapsulation material has a dry feel and a fine surface; easy to color and no smell; good elasticity; over the European standard; Subo can develop products corresponding to the requirements based on the samples provided by the company. TPE series products are thermoplastic elastomers based on SEBS/PP and SEBS/PE. It is a block copolymer. The hard segment acts as a physical cross-linking point, and the soft segment acts as a traditional rubber elasticity.

The product has the following characteristics:

1. Light specific gravity, extremely wide range of hardness (shore20A~95A).

2. The appearance of the product is adjustable, and it can be fully transparent, translucent, natural, matte matte, shiny, etc.

3. Excellent bonding performance, special grade bonding series products, excellent adhesion, can be directly bonded and coated with such as PP, ABS, PA6, PA66, ABS/PC alloy, PET/PC alloy, etc.

4. Comfortable hand feeling, can be customized according to customer requirements

5. Excellent anti-slip performance, and can maintain excellent anti-slip performance in a relatively humid environment.

6. Excellent processing performance, good fluidity, especially for processing particularly complex parts, which greatly saves processing time.

7. Excellent coloring and electrical insulation

8. Green environmental protection products, in line with environmental protection testing standards.

The appearance of the product is adjustable, and it can be fully transparent, semi-transparent, natural, matte matte, shiny, etc.

Products are widely used in children's toys, medical, daily necessities, various electrical and electronic components, shock-absorbing pads, etc.

Molding advantages: Melt viscosity is less affected by temperature, but more affected by shear; die expansion is small, only 5%-20% of general extrusion molding; molding shrinkage depends on the shape, molding method, and molding conditions of the product The difference is slightly different, about 1.5-2.5%;

1. Drying conditions: TPE basically does not absorb moisture. During the molding process, it generally does not need to be dried. If drying is required, it is recommended to dry at 70-80°C for 2-3 hours;

2. Dyeing: TPE has strong dyeability and can be dyed by adding color masterbatch or mixing in toner. If color masterbatch is used, it is recommended to use color masterbatch with PE or PP as the base material;

3. Before and after processing TPE, the extrusion equipment should be cleaned. The extruder barrel should be mechanically cleaned or completely replaced and emptied with polypropylene; if it is shut down for a long time, all remaining raw materials in the barrel should be discharged before restarting the operation;

4. The remaining waste from manufacturing and assembly can be recycled. In order to ensure the excellent appearance and performance of the product, the addition amount should not exceed 30%.

5. The injection temperature varies according to different brands of products, and the injection temperature is mostly between 150-250°C.

TPE is easy to process with injection molding equipment to produce parts with high dimensional stability. TPE has good fluidity under high pressure, cures quickly, and is easy to demold.

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