TPE | Is it easy to peel off the printed characters on the surface of TPR materials?

  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
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TPE | Is it easy to peel off the printed characters on the surface of TPR materials?

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-08
  • Views:269

Everyone should know that common cables, plugs and electronic components in daily life have corresponding imprinted characters and will have logos and instructions, etc. Some customers will ask whether the TPE | TPR material surface printing characters are easy to fall off? First of all, we will briefly explain the two common printing text pattern process of TPE/TPR, namely screen printing and laser engraving.

  One, TPE/TPR material printing word processing classification

  About TPE | TPR material printing word processing, there are certain requirements for the required materials and additives, it is necessary to adjust or select the appropriate TPE | TPR materials and supporting additives. At present, the surface of TPE | TPR material has printing, LOGO, patterns, etc., mainly through printing (such as screen printing, TPR mostly use screen printing such printing mode, this article only briefly discusses screen printing), laser engraving and other processes to achieve.

  The printing principle of screen printing and laser engraving is different. Silkscreen printing is mainly done through an aperture plate, and the ink is transferred to the printed object through a grid in the image section, forming the same pattern and text as the original pattern. Laser engraving is also known as laser engraving. TPE and TPR materials used for laser engraving should be specially modified so that the material has laser engraving characteristics. The principle of laser engraving marks the chemical and physical changes of the light energy of the laser beam on the surface material to form a mark. The adhesion of the imprint on the surface of TPE | TPR material is discussed below.

  Second, TPE | TPR material surface printing adhesion problems

  1. Wire printing - material and ink combination

  The use of screen printing printing or printing mode mode, should pay attention to the ink used for screen printing and TPE | TPR material with good compatibility (according to the principle of chemical similarity, material polarity close, easy to dissolve or compatible with each other) , to ensure the adhesion of the ink and TPE | TPR material. TPE, TPR is a mixed material, different TPE | TPR grade, composite components contain different base materials and reinforcing plastics.

  Silk printing bracelet

  TPE | TPR should be different depending on the material formulation system. The key to ink selection is the solvent component, which is related to the adhesion of electric silk printing. For example, TPR with SBS + PS system should usually be selected with inks containing acrylate, toluene and xylene solvents, while TPE with SEBS + PS system is much more difficult than wire printing and usually uses chloroform or carbon tetrachloride. The solution is pre-surface treatment, and then use the appropriate ink to connect the print. Electric screen printing is generally used for toys crafts TPE, TPR products, mostly in print mode.

  2. Laser engraving - special modification of the material

  For laser engraving, only need to properly adjust the TPE | TPR material compound system, the laser beam can undergo chemical and physical changes, and can engrave the corresponding color text. With proper modification of the main TPE, TPR materials, the text laser engraving will be very good and will not come off. Laser engraving of the text is currently mainly used for cables, plugs and electronic components.

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