The difference between pvc and tpe yoga mat

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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The difference between pvc and tpe yoga mat

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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In our life, yoga is a very popular sport for women. So what are the differences between PVC and TPE yoga mats? The following let plastic ber and everyone go together to understand the following.

  Difference one: TPE mat is made of environmentally friendly materials TPE mat is made of environmentally friendly materials, in the production process of production technology and raw materials requirements are very high, so the price is more expensive than PVC, currently there are few domestic factories that can produce TPE mats, mostly imported materials from Taiwan.

  Whereas the PVC mat variety, the price from a dozen to dozens of dollars are available. And TPE is mostly more than a hundred or even a few hundred dollars. But the better quality of PVC mats will never be as long as twenty to thirty dollars to buy.

  The difference between two: new TPE mats can dissipate the smell, while the smell of poor quality PVC mats can not be dissipated TPE mats are environmentally friendly is not no smell? Buy back the new TPE mats will also have a little raw material smell itself (unless the seller opened the mat in advance to disperse the smell). But you do not have to worry, it is not like the smell of poor quality mats can not be dissipated.

  We buy back the new mat, the mat open and put in a ventilated cool place to dry a day or two to dissipate the smell. (Here we have to pay attention to oh: a thousand into can not be put in the sun!) If the poor quality of the mat, the taste put how many days will not dissipate.

  Difference three: TPE mats slip resistance and elasticity better we bought TPE mats can not worry about its slip resistance and elasticity. Because this material made of mats its slip resistance, elasticity and its workmanship is incomparable to PVC materials, even sweat can be anti-slip.

  Difference four: TPE's mat use longer TPE's mat is more durable than PVC's, the use of time is four or five times that of PVC. According to the cost performance, PVC's mat is a little more affordable.

  But compared with PVC yoga mats, TPE yoga mats have the insurmountable advantages of.

  1, non-toxic, does not contain metal elements, natural oxidation cracking, recyclable, to avoid environmental pollution;

  2, soft, ambidextrous, strong grip - the whole mat can be attached to the ground;

  3, lightweight, each mat is about 1200 grams, about 300 grams lighter than the PVC foam mat, easy to carry collection;

  4, waterproof, non-slip, even if the palms of the feet, palms sweating, yoga practice on it, non-slip effect is still very good, the front and back side of the mat made with beautiful anti-slip particles, non-slip effect is better;

  5, better elasticity, rebound force. Although in the thickness of only 6mm, but because of the strong rebound, do yoga on it, you will feel soft, very comfortable, will not feel thin.

  Second: the thickness of the choice of beginners generally choose 6mm can be, after a certain basis can choose 4mm thick.


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