What can be done with 15 degree TPE material?

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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What can be done with 15 degree TPE material?

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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 The customer mainly does home textile products, because most of the business from abroad, so recently their own new research and development of a product, want to TPE material also applied to their home textile products, but their own TPE material is not very understanding, so want us to give him an introduction to this TPE material about 15 degrees and 30 degrees is a kind of concept, because the previous also has not contact with TPE products, we are also very understanding, so I thought of a way, we send some test pieces to the customer in the past, let him feel, about what kind of degree is what he wants.

  1. Basic characteristics parameters.

  TPR 15 degree rubber material, is modified by SBS elastomer as the basis, belongs to the soft elastomer material, the appearance of transparent or solid color particles, with good color matching performance. Specific gravity 0.85~0.9, shrinkage 1.3~1.5%, melt index: 17g/10min(190℃,2.16KG), tensile strength 0.36MPa(100m/min). TPR15 degree rubber is a SBS-based blended soft elastomer with good soft touch, anti-slip and shock absorbing properties. The processing method is mainly injection molding, the reference injection temperature is 150~180℃.

  2. Temperature resistance characteristics.

  TPR 15 degrees soft rubber material temperature resistance -50 ~ 70 ℃, low temperature resistance performance is excellent. Temperature rise, TPR surface will have the tendency to sticky, so should pay attention to the production of TPR products surface adhesion, should minimize the extrusion of products when packaging stacking.

  3. Ageing and yellowing resistance.

  TPR15 degree adhesive material adopts SBS as the base material, SBS contains unsaturated carbon-carbon double bond structure, which is prone to aging and yellowing. Because TPR15 degree rubber material, especially transparent material made of products, prone to aging yellowing phenomenon (general products placed more than 15 days will slowly become yellow). Therefore, it is recommended to use TPE with SEBS base material if you produce transparent products or have high requirements on the appearance of the products.

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