Application of TPE/TPR elastomer on two-color plastic cutting board

  • Time of issue:2021-11-02
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Application of TPE/TPR elastomer on two-color plastic cutting board

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-02
  • Views:771

What is the difference between TPE and TPR. The explanation is as follows: there is basically no difference between TPE and TPR, mainly because of the difference in the way users call them in different regions. Of course, TPE has another layer of meaning, that is, it refers to all kinds of thermoplastic elastomers collectively.

  As a family wife in the kitchen every day, the monotonous cooking work week after week will make you feel dull and boring. Kitchen utensils you must use every day, here is a recommended fashion cutting board - PP + TPR two-color plastic cutting board, I believe its design can add pleasure to your cooking process.

  Perhaps the bland is the original color of life, but we always have to decorate it with different colors to make life more colorful. This PP+TPR plastic cutting board is made of food-grade environmental protection PP polypropylene, which can be made into various condensation or warm or bright or simple colors according to the user's preference for colors. The wife of the pursuit of individuality experience, you can buy several different colors of cutting boards at once, of course, the color is their favorite. This way you can use whichever color cutting board you feel comfortable with, depending on your mood.

  In addition to the various colors available, the two-color cutting board is designed with TPR two-color overmolding. The introduction of TPR thermoplastic rubber with non-slip properties and a different color from the main PP material increases the aesthetic appeal of the product and more importantly makes the cutting board more slip-resistant and shock-absorbing, making it more stable and safe to operate without worrying about sliding or vibration.

  I believe that this has a high "value" and practical kitchen appliances, the wife knows, will not miss. As for the safety of the material, wives can rest assured that PP polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber TPR are antibacterial food-grade environmental protection materials, in line with FDA testing standards.

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