TPE/TPR material surface whitening, scratching phenomenon analysis

  • Time of issue:2021-10-22
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TPE/TPR material surface whitening, scratching phenomenon analysis

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  • Time of issue:2021-10-22
  • Views:948

  Why does the surface of TPE/TPR material appear white, easy to scratch white phenomenon?

  Phenomenon one, TPE/TPR materials are not scratch-resistant, easy to scratch white

  Analysis of the reasons: TPE / TPR production formula filled with white powder material on the side of more, rubber material components to reduce. As the white filler is only physically mixed with the rubber phase, there is no chemical reaction, so it is easy to scrape the white material by hand. For some black and colored products, products scraped white, the phenomenon of non-scraping will affect the appearance of the product.

  Solution: Use TPE, TPR grades containing relatively little white filler.

  Phenomenon two, TPE / TPR material surface whitening, a layer of white material, can be wiped away by hand.

  Analysis of the reasons: TPE / TPR material added additives ①, after a period of time in the TPR products, will gradually migrate to the surface of the product, the formation of a layer of white material.

  Solution: Reduce the amount of additives added in the TPR formula ②.


  ①, this kind of additives such as internal lubricant, whitening agent, etc.

  ②, it is recommended to control the addition amount below 3‰.

  P.S. At present, there is a new enhanced TPE, TPR scratch-resistant formula program, which is to use coupling agent modified heavy calcium instead of ordinary heavy calcium, improve the compatibility of the filler and the substrate, thereby enhancing the white scratch resistance of TPE materials.

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