[TPE injection molding tips] A few simple steps to solve the problem of TPE products bubbles

  • Time of issue:2021-10-22
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[TPE injection molding tips] A few simple steps to solve the problem of TPE products bubbles

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  • Time of issue:2021-10-22
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  TPE material will not decompose under the general injection temperature, so its bubble generation only comes from water gas. Influencing factors are: mold temperature, being pressure, melt speed, injection time all have influence

  In the process of punching the mold is disturbed by gas, often in the product surface appear silver filigree, or tiny bubbles, or in the thick wall of the product to form bubbles. The source of these gases mainly involves raw materials containing moisture or volatile substances or melting agent in excess, but also may be too high material temperature, tpe plastic subjected to heat for a long time, degradation occurs and the production of degradation gas, the causes of these many, involving factors oh may have injection molding machine and mold and many other aspects.


  1, drying. First dry the material, if not, you need to adjust the process.

  2, adjust the injection speed, it may be that the material flow is very fast, the injection speed is very fast, resulting in the mold internal air is not eliminated in a timely manner, in the joint line position is easy to line into a bubble.

  3, the injection mold to increase the exhaust bad (a simple solution is to add a small piece of paper in the middle of the mold to see if the bubble is less, such as less then the mold exhaust is a problem.

  4, adjust the mold temperature, the temperature is too high, the TPE material inside the low molecular composition will escape to form bubbles.

  5, appropriate to increase the back pressure of the screw, the barrel inside the air out

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