TPE wire performance advantages and processing problem solutions

  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
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TPE wire performance advantages and processing problem solutions

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-10
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The application of TPE wire is popular, with excellent tensile properties, comfortable hand feeling, good elasticity and good abrasion resistance. TPE has the elasticity of rubber, excellent tensile properties, adjustable hardness, and comfortable and smooth touch. Easy to process. TPE inherits the characteristics of easy processing of traditional PVC. TPE rubber materials can be conveniently produced and processed by extruders of various wires (such as earphone cables, USB cables, automotive electronic cables, computer cables, etc.), and can be injection molded by a small vertical injection molding machine. Plugs (such as earphone plugs, USB plugs, DC plugs, etc.). Excellent chemical properties. TPE is a SEBS substrate, which has good aging resistance, weather resistance, and low temperature resistance. It still maintains a soft and comfortable hand feeling at a low temperature of minus -50 degrees without becoming hard.

   When the TPE wire is pressed, the wire is unstable, it is normal, that is, a little cold water on the machine head will affect the stability of the wire, there is no absolute stability! TPE wire extrusion adhesion and surface smoothness problems are outstanding.


If the conductor is preheated and requires high adhesion, if the rubber material does not change color, try to increase the preheating temperature or voltage, use a pressurized mold, or adjust the distance inside the head, and hit back as much as possible. Wire bridge distance, outer diameter, and insulation thickness, as well as non-eccentricity. Try the first section but the sink! If conditions permit, you can adjust the hardness of the rubber. Use the softest rubber as possible, and the adhesion will be better. The rubber used for the outlet should be adjusted according to the weather, and the hardness of the rubber should be adjusted appropriately. Finally, the conductor adopts irregular twisting Together, increase the contact area between the rubber compound and the conductor!

  Surface smoothness:

   The screw temperature is appropriate, and the plasticizing effect of the rubber compound is better. The pressure during extrusion, as the pressure increases, the surface will be smoother, check if it is scratched after exiting the wire (die mouth scratches or die mouth residue)

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