Can TPE plastic materials encapsulate metal?

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Can TPE plastic materials encapsulate metal?

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Can TPE|TPR encapsulate metal?

Aluminum alloy and stainless steel metals cannot be directly coated with TPE. This is different from TPE|TPR encapsulated plastic. However, as the application of TPE continues to deepen, more and more products need to use TPE to encapsulate metal. There are two ways to encapsulate:

One is to directly "encapsulate".

That is, TPE and TPR are directly injection-molded and coated on the metal surface without any third medium. However, the realization of this type of encapsulation has a greater relationship with the structure of the position where the metal parts need to be encapsulated and the hardness of the TPE. The metal parts are covered by a whole, or the metal parts have a large curvature or holes, etc., will strengthen the firmness of the TPE covered metal parts; in addition, the higher the hardness of the TPE material, the higher the TPE and the metal will be combined. The face is firmer and firmer.

The second is to encapsulate with adhesive

In fact, more metal encapsulation uses partial encapsulation. In order to ensure the firmness of the bond, it is necessary to use an adhesive to achieve this. The specific bonding process is: firstly treat the surface of the metal part to clean up the dust and oil on the surface; then select a suitable adhesive and apply it to the surface of the metal part; wait until the adhesive on the surface of the metal part is dry, then Fix the metal part in the mold, and inject TPE onto the surface of the metal part to complete the bonding and encapsulation.

Analysis: If the adhesive is still liquid, it is placed in the mold for injection, and the adhesive will be cleaned from the surface of the metal part. The binder dries, but it still has to be viscous during high-temperature molding. A binder with a volatile solvent is not acceptable. It is necessary to evaluate and select a suitable binder. However, this requires the selection of the corresponding adhesive according to the characteristics of the TPE material.

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