tpe wrapped metal material process analysis

  • Time of issue:2023-05-19
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tpe wrapped metal material process analysis

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  • Time of issue:2023-05-19
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  TPE overmolded hardware material process

  The process of TPE overmolded hardware material adopts the second injection molding process.

  The first injection is to inject TPE soft rubber to the overmold, and the second is to inject tPE soft rubber to the hard rubber. Cooling then get the products.

  The temperature of TPE overmolded hardware material is 170 degrees to 190 degrees.

  The temperature of TPE overmolded ABS material is from 200 degrees to 220 degrees.

  The temperature of TPE coated PC material is higher than that of TPE coated ABS material.

  The temperature of TPE coated PA material is even higher, 240 degrees.

  TPE coated metal material is generally a fake package.

  True package and fake package believe that people in this plastic material industry have heard of it. In fact, it is said that TPE wrapped metal material.

  The difference between the real package and the fake package is that the combination of hard and soft glue is different, first of all, the real package is hard and soft glue dissolved in the case of high temperature and combined together, the fake package is to the role of force, so that they are inlaid together.

  TPE is used in the package material, so TPE is used as a kind of composition, TPE as a soft rubber, and hard rubber material is mainly plastic, metal, woven fabric. tpe package woven fabric is mainly luggage products, tpe package plastic, mainly tpe package PP material, tpe package ABS material, engineering plastics, tpe package PC material, tpe package PC / ABS material, tpe package PA material. TPE coated PA material.

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