TPE wrapped ABS why the package is not strong?

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TPE wrapped ABS why the package is not strong?

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  • Time of issue:2023-05-19
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  Previously, a customer asked us on our, why TPE wrapped ABS package is not strong? It is easy to fall off. Shibe asked him if he bought it from my house. The customer replied no. He bought it from a TPE manufacturer in Jiangsu, and tried their material many times, but it was still not good and wasted a lot of time.

  TPE package material is divided into real package and fake package, real package effect is good, the price is higher, fake package price is cheap. But the customer said to buy the real package, why TPE wrapped ABS package is not tight? Plastic Bo do the following two points of analysis.

  First, the TPE formula to have a compatibilizer, the second is to have sufficient injection molding temperature, one of the two is indispensable.

  1. TPE package material analysis: TPE formula must have components compatible with ABS or sticky, that is, not every brand of TPE can be wrapped ABS.

  2. secondary injection processing temperature, injection temperature must ensure that the material is fully plasticized to achieve the fluidity required for injection, while making the TPE formulation of ABS compatibilizer activity increases in just a few dozen seconds can be interpenetrated with ABS material in the contact interface of the overmold, so that TPE and ABS can be firmly bonded.

  Therefore, when looking for a TPE overmolded ABS material supplier, users are advised to look for a regular TPE manufacturer who can provide the right TPE formula and grade according to the user's requirements. The specific secondary injection molding temperature is related to the molecular weight of the TPE substrate, product design, equipment type, etc. The reference injection temperature range is 180~230℃, which is recommended to obtain or consult with the TPE cover material manufacturer during the production and processing. Other factors such as the surface cleanliness of ABS products, preheating of TPE material before processing, and the choice of color powder or masterbatch also have an impact on the adhesion of TPE and ABS.


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