Application and problem analysis of TPE covered ABS and covered PC

  • Time of issue:2023-05-19
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Application and problem analysis of TPE covered ABS and covered PC

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  • Time of issue:2023-05-19
  • Views:534

  The appearance of the TPE rubber material of PC is natural or translucent plastic particles, specific gravity 1.02-1.24, the main hardness range Shore 40-90A, the rubber material can be molded by injection molding process, excellent fluidity, and PC plastic has good adhesion. And TPE rubber material has a comfortable and smooth touch, wear resistance and good white scratch resistance, anti-slip, dustproof. Fireproof material, fireproof V0, temperature resistance up to 80 ℃.

  Processing technology

  It can be molded by injection alone, and it can also be used to cover nylon and bond PA by injection, and to cover PC and ABS by injection.

  TPE covering material application

  Hardware products, tool handle material, strap bracelet, sports equipment, plug wire, home appliance parts, electronic digital products.

  TPE process problems and solutions

  1. Poor glossiness of products, with pockmarked surface

  Solution: Baking temperature: 60-80℃, baking for about 2 hours.

  2. Product sticking to the mold

  Solution: Modify the mold and adjust the TPE formula.

  3.The product has water pattern

  Solution: "Improve the exhaust and increase the injection temperature.


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