Top ten applications of TPE wrapping material

  • Time of issue:2023-05-19
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Top ten applications of TPE wrapping material

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  • Time of issue:2023-05-19
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  The importance of overmolding, in order to make customer satisfaction, technology produced products, all in accordance with customer needs to produce, because the TPE overmolding layer thickness and size ratio is very small, TPE should have good flowability, TPE.

  TPE usually need to flow through a long path and thin-walled area to fill the mold, as the so-called product quality level and performance of all from the design of research and development.

  1. High tensile and resilience

  0 degree class rubber has excellent tensile and resilience. Can be used for simulation of animal super soft toys, vent toys, can be arbitrary pinch, pull, do not break, deformation can be instantly restored; can be used for yo-yo, fur ball toys and so on.

  2.TPE wire and cable

  Many wire and cable in the traditional use of PVC as insulation and covering materials, but due to the environmental problems generated by PVC materials, has been gradually abandoned by the industry, replaced by a new material such as TPE. In response to this market shift, Audili has developed a series of low smoke wire and cable grade TPE materials to meet the industry's needs.

  3. Kitchen and sanitary ware TPE

  Kitchens and toilets are full of grease and wet environment just to play the advantages of TPE materials, wrapped with TPE kitchen utensils handle more non-slip, more comfortable, wrapped with non-slip ring utensils on the table more solid, safer when using kitchen knives and scissors, using slippery cleaning brush can be more force. Make the kitchen and cleaning home more comfortable and safe.

  4.TPE baby products

  The birth rate of infants in developed countries is on the low side, and parents take great care of their children, demanding safety and comfort of baby products and toys. Therefore, baby products than traditional toys for material safety and health level requirements are higher, TPE soft and high toughness and environmental protection and non-toxic characteristics just meet the strict requirements of the product.

  5. Sports equipment

  TPE has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, so it has better performance than traditional rubber in outdoor sports equipment. Water supplies such as frog shoes, swimming goggles, Frisbee, etc. can still maintain good softness and resilience after seawater immersion and sunlight exposure.

  6.TPE tool handle

  TPE is applied to the tool handle by double material co-molding, which provides anti-slip and shock-absorbing function, soft and warm comfort to improve the durability and added value of the product.

  7.TPE anti-slip property

  TPE 0 degree series rubber has good anti-slip property, which can be used in various kinds of car interior anti-slip mats, cell phone anti-slip mats, anti-slip mats and so on.

  8.TPE cushioning

  TPE 0 degree series rubber has good cushioning and shock absorption, used for sporting goods such as knee protection, shoe forefoot cushion, etc.

  9. Soft touch TPE

  TPE 0 degree rubber has excellent skin-like soft touch, which makes it a lot of products used in contact with human body or related products. Common applications such as: erotic products (male and female erotic knives, solid dolls), simulation of human display props, medical teaching models and so on.

  10.TPE aging resistance. Wear-resistant

  TPE is used for medical caster, the aging resistance rate is anti-UV grade 4~4.5, the efficacy time frame: 6~12 months. It can be extruded and molded.


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