TPE/TPR sales quotation and purchasing skills sharing

  • Time of issue:2023-03-20
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TPE/TPR sales quotation and purchasing skills sharing

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-20
  • Views:112

  It is the nature of customers to ask for prices. When a customer goes to a clothing store and sees the clothes he or she wants, it is only natural to ask for a price. Even in the TPE and TPR industry, it is common for customers to ask for price, but as in any other industry, whether or not the offer is properly grasped will directly affect the success or failure of sales activities.


  1. In the customer relationship is familiar, try not to offer before the sample OK

  Whether the sample is OK or not depends on the quality of the product and the relationship with the customer, especially the second point is very important. After the relationship with the customer is handled smoothly, the sample is OK, the offer is a logical thing. In the absence of samples before the blind offer, will lead to very passive in the future business negotiations or even lose orders.

  2. For some customers who have to ask for a quote before the sample to take a pragmatic quotation strategy

  This kind of customer is usually the boss personally asked the price, he wants to know whether the price has advantages over existing suppliers, or whether his costs can be accepted, before deciding whether to try the sample. At this time should first understand the customer's general requirements, to determine a targeted material, and then according to the customer's order volume, to do a pragmatic quotation. Sometimes thin profit and more sales are also needed to choose the business model.

  3. If the customer must understand the price, you can make a vague offer

  Sometimes, the purchase or engineer will habitually ask a price, not to quote said. At this time, you can quote a fuzzy price or a certain interval price, such as $15~20/kg. For the fuzzy quotation, it can be explained that there is no test sample to confirm the suitable grade, so it is impossible to make accurate price evaluation, and it needs to be OK for test sample to make accurate quotation.

  4. Unintentional inquiry, try not to quote

  Some inquirers, who do not have samples or even know what products they make, want to provide a quotation; some foreign customers are not willing to send boards, but only care about the price; some competitors, posing as customers to explore the price. For these unintentional inquiries, you should carefully communicate with the inquirer to determine the purpose of the inquiry, so as to take appropriate strategies.


  To sum up: in the TPE,TPR sales process, quotation is a very important part. No intention to the inquiry, offer a waste of time and energy; intentional inquiries, offer too early offer improper will not be conducive to subsequent transactions, or even lose orders. Generally is in the customer relationship in place, and then offer. For some customers, the boss personally asked the price, should be a real price, under the premise of appropriate profit, so that the customer heart, to first fight for orders as a prerequisite. There are also quotes according to the impact of raw materials, as well as each manufacturer's formulation technology and labor costs are different, so the online TPE/TPR price quotes are not the same, so it is best to consult a professional TPE, TPR manufacturers!

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