TPE|TPR materials and products spray printing ink adhesion is poor and easy to fall off problem

  • Time of issue:2023-02-10
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TPE|TPR materials and products spray printing ink adhesion is poor and easy to fall off problem

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  • Time of issue:2023-02-10
  • Views:394

  Some TPE, TPR materials used in the production of toys, electronic equipment, wire and cable products, often spray ink or paint the surface after processing. But many users reflect that TPE|TPR products are not good spraying or printing ink, sprayed on easily fall off.

  1. The problem of poor ink adhesion

  1.1 Cause analysis.

  TPE|TPR material and ink polarity difference, the ink is difficult to be compatible with TPE|TPR material, the ink is only adhered to the surface of TPE products, and can not penetrate into the TPE material inside. This adhesion force is naturally insufficient and easy to fall off.

  1.2 Countermeasures

  The major principle is the compatibility of ink and TPE|TPR material. Under the premise of ensuring the basic performance requirements of the product, then consider the easy adhesion of the ink. Should first understand the TPE|TPR material mixing system, and then targeted to provide a specific ink. Generally PS plastic has certain polarity, easy to spray printing ink. And PP plastic is a non-polar material, and high crystallinity, there is a strong resistance to solvent corrosion, the surface directly spray printing ink and coating is more difficult, usually need to be surface pretreatment.

  2. Paint ink stretching cracking or peeling

  Some TPE|TPR products, itself can be ink paint spray printing, adhesion is also good, but if the product is stretched, the surface of the paint is easy to fall off or cracking.

  2.1 Cause analysis.

  Ink or paint layer can not be stretched with the same amplitude with elastomer TPE products, when more than the limit it can withstand, the ink layer will crack or even fall off.

  2.2 Solution countermeasures

  Increase the binder component fraction of ink or paint to enhance the surface tensile resistance of the ink spray layer.

  TPE|TPR is a blend of modified materials, the component characteristics of its blending system is very important to the choice of ink. Sometimes in order to achieve good ink printing and spraying effect, need to TPE, TPR raw material manufacturers and ink providers to work closely together to solve the problem of poor adhesion of oil spraying faced by common customers, in order to achieve a win-win-win effect.


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