TPE|TPR elastomer color matching problem analysis

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TPE|TPR elastomer color matching problem analysis

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-05
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  In many cases, TPE and TPR products need to be color-matched. For color matching, it seems to be simple, but in fact, there are quite a lot of learning inside.

  First, the choice of color masterbatch and carrier

  Principle: The carrier of color masterbatch should have good compatibility with the main components of TPE such as rubber and reinforced plastic. The general SEBS base material TPE, higher hardness, choose PP as the carrier resin; lower hardness, choose PE or EVA as the carrier resin; SBS base material TPE (TPR), higher hardness, choose PS as the carrier resin, lower hardness, choose PE or EVA as the carrier resin. It is necessary to point out that the TPE and TPR with particularly soft hardness may not be suitable for color matching with color masterbatch.

  Second, the advantages of color matching with masterbatch

  a. Less pollution with color matching. The color powder is easy to produce dust pollution, but the color masterbatch can eliminate such problems. b, facilitate dispersion. Color matching with color powder, the process of color matching is prone to agglomeration, which is not conducive to dispersion. Masterbatch can circumvent this shortcoming.

  Three, the need to use color powder color matching situation

  For some TPE and TPR materials with particularly low hardness, it is necessary to use color powder instead of color masterbatch. Because of this kind of TPE, TPR processing temperature is usually low, with the color masterbatch, the color masterbatch plasticization and dispersion performance may be poor, not conducive to color matching. However, the color powder has the problems of agglomeration and dispersion as mentioned above, so it is recommended to add some diffusion additives when matching colors.

  There are mainly two types of color powders for plastics, inorganic and organic, with the following advantages and disadvantages:

  (1) inorganic color powder: weathering, high temperature resistance, covering the period of delivery is good, the unit price is also lower, but generally speaking, the color is not high, it is not easy to disperse.

  (2) organic color powder: weather resistance, high temperature resistance, shading will be a little worse, but the dispersion will be good, the amount is relatively small, the color will be higher.

  Fourth, the production and processing of replacement TPE TPR material color powder matching problem

  In some cases, users may change or find two or more suppliers to supply. This will be a problem, with the last supplier's color masterbatch (color powder) and the corresponding ratio, to match another supplier's TPR material color matching. Some people may find that the color difference between the two materials will be different. In this case, we can't simply attribute the quality of the material from the supplier behind to the lack of requirements. Because each TPE supplier's TPE, TPR material formula is different, which will lead to the production of the original color material, different suppliers, there are color differences, so that the use of different masterbatches and ratios to match the color, there will certainly be product color differences. The more pertinent way is to adjust the proportion of color powder, or replace the color powder with different colors, to adapt to different suppliers of TPR material. City plastic new material 15 years professional TPE manufacturers, plant area of 8000 square meters, TPE raw materials monthly output of up to 500 tons, 5 professional TPE raw materials production line. We provide free sampling service and customized TPE raw material solutions according to product requirements to improve the added value of products.

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