Wearable devices must meet their requirements for accessories

  • Time of issue:2021-09-01
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Wearable devices must meet their requirements for accessories

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-01
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Consumers require "mission must be fulfilled": After the wearable device is more like an accessory, the related industry also needs to meet other consumer needs for the wearable device, such as price, battery life, comfortable wearing, ease of use, and most importantly The function is single and does not need to be too complicated.

On the other hand, in 2014, when wearable devices first appeared in the market, the related industry gave them too many functions, especially smart watches. There were rumors of replacing smart phones at one time, but the wearable market fell the most. smart watch. Xu Guifen pointed out that in terms of sales volume, Fitbit smart watches and bracelet devices currently sell the most. The reason is that the company's products meet consumer expectations-the functions are clearly locked in sports fitness and physiological information measurement, and the equipment does not require anything. There are functions, but none of them are accurate measurement information.

   wearable devices are necessary, otherwise they will not be valued by related manufacturers, nor will they be noticed by consumers when they are launched, but wearable devices must find the exact functional positioning. For example, sports bracelets can be welcomed by consumers. In addition to the size and size that does not interfere with the daily activities of users, the bracelet can be combined with the cloud or connected to the mobile phone through wireless short-distance network technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The information is further analyzed into more effective data, allowing consumers to use the information to prevent the occurrence of diseases or improve exercise plans.

From this point of view, consumers do not need fancy features and excessive wearable devices, but wearable device products with simple operation characteristics in certain specific uses and single fields can be favored, which can also explain Why smart bracelets and watches that specialize in the sports and fitness market have unique sales in the wearable device market.

   Product compatibility may become a stumbling block: Just like smart homes or other Internet of Things (IoT) applications, if a wearable device is connected to a cloud application service platform, it will encounter a situation where devices and service platforms cannot be shared. Yang Zhenglian said that the wearable device industry is currently on the top of the mountain. If there is a "special issue", such as a new market demand drive, a few fast-growing and large-scale companies, such as Google or Apple, may sit down and discuss further. The problem of intercommunication between equipment and service platform.

   Although the wearable device market continues to develop, it has not yet reached the so-called breaking point. One of the key factors is compatibility. At present, the main representative of the Android camp Google has begun to direct Android wearable devices to Google Fit to solve interoperability issues; Apple has also taken similar actions. Both Android and iOS camps have their own advantages-the large number of Android devices; iOS has strong security, making wearable devices widely adopted by medical institutions.

Although the Apple Store or Google Play App can be shared in the Android or iOS operating systems, the achievable effects and functions are still limited. Perhaps this is the first step to solve the interoperability problem. Can you see it in the future? It will take time for Google and Apple to work together for wearable device compatibility.

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