TPE/TPR particle lumping and sticking main reason analysis.

  • Time of issue:2022-11-18
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TPE/TPR particle lumping and sticking main reason analysis.

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-18
  • Views:387

  TPE/TPR particle lumping and sticking main reason analysis.

  1. Granulation process problems. The granulation process, material cooling is not sufficient, at a higher temperature on the packaging for finished products, heat gathered in the bag, and the higher the ambient temperature, the material is more likely to spit oil lumps.

  2. Climate problems. Generally in the summer, it is easier for customers to reflect the material clumping and sticking problem. TPR SBS system than the SEBS system TPE (this is the general classification of the TPE production plant) is more likely to clumping adhesion. tPR clumping, generally the lower the hardness, the more serious the clumping phenomenon, hardness 70A or more TPR, clumping adhesion problem is relatively less serious.

  3. TPE, TPR formulation problems, the system of oil locking (this is the root). In general, SBS oil locking than SEBS poor, so SBS base material TPR than SEBS base material TPE easier to adhere to the lump. For SEBS, choosing the right grade with the right properties and high quality oil can provide the oil locking property (because of the formulation issue, we can only point to the end).

  TPE/TPR particles/products caking prevention and solution.

  1, TPE, TPR granulation is recommended to be cooled first after the surface temperature is below 30 ℃ before packaging.

  2, can be mixed with a certain anti-adhesive agent, weaken the surface adhesion between the material particles, enhance the smoothness of the particle surface, especially for the super soft hardness of TPE / TPR transparent material.

  3、In the summer, TPR with hardness below 50A is prone to particle clumping and adhesion, and TPE with hardness below 20A is prone to particle clumping. Attention should be paid to the particles (especially TPR transparent material) in a cool place for storage.

  4, the production of products (especially TPR material), each finished product should not be stored in direct contact with the packaging, do not store the backlog, do the expected precautions, if necessary, you can use the insulation cabinet.


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