TPE,TPR anti-slip properties of the product application cases.  

  • Time of issue:2022-11-18
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TPE,TPR anti-slip properties of the product application cases.  

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-18
  • Views:849


  TPE/TPR material refers to the SEBS, SBS polystyrene elastomer alloy. The material has a rigid molecular structure of styrene and flexible butadiene (or butylene-ethylene) molecular chain structure, making TPE/TPR has a certain strength and excellent flexibility of touch at the same time.TPE/TPR strength, wear resistance and anti-slip performance is not as good as vulcanized rubber, making its application areas for some daily-use products, tools and hardware, electronic products. The following are some application cases of products using TPE,TPR anti-slip properties.

  TPE material

  1、Handle handle category. Tool hardware, bicycle and motorcycle handle, luggage handle, knife and kitchenware handle

  2、Anti-slip mats. Such as car with non-slip foot pad, car interior accessories non-slip pad, cell phone non-slip pad, (material surface with strong adhesion), bathroom|bathroom non-slip pad, water cup coaster (compound injection or single material molding), non-slip bowl mat, etc.

  3, shoe soles. TPR soles have excellent anti-slip properties, and compared with rubber, the taste is much smaller, wear the soles of the feet feel more soft and comfortable.

  4、Various (industrial, stroller) casters. Caster industry, TPE/TPR and TPU are useful. But TPR has a softer non-slip characteristics, can be used in the production of medical industry with silent casters, TPU material caster, friction sound is relatively large.

  The special anti-slip characteristics of TPE/TPR provide more possibilities for people's work and life, and the adjustable characteristics of its hardness and physical properties provide a wide range of imagination and design space for product designers, and its environmentally friendly and non-toxic characteristics are trusted by consumers.TPE/TPR makes people's life more comfortable and better.


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