TPE / TPR get samples will be how to test

  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
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TPE / TPR get samples will be how to test

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
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  We must analyze the various properties of the products after we get the TPE products back, so how do we analyze and measure them? The analysis and testing equipment is divided into two pieces, one is the analysis instrument and one is the testing instrument.

  Analytical instruments can see what the material's base material is, and can measure some component content. Analytical instruments can only get more accurate results if a variety of equipment are analyzed. It is impossible to get completely accurate.

  Testing instruments, regardless of what materials, can measure the physical properties of the material, but generally an instrument can only measure a performance, but the good thing is that the price is relatively cheaper than analytical instruments.

  Electronic tensile machine.

  Measure the tensile and other mechanical properties of the material, can measure the properties of: tensile strength, fixed body stress, permanent deformation rate, tear strength, elongation at break, tear strength. (with scribing ruler, thickness gauge, etc.)

  Shore hardness tester.

  Hardness tester to two kinds, Shore A and Shore D, these two hardness tester basically can be measured all the hardness of the elastomer. Mainly to measure the hardness of the material.

  Density meter.

  Can accurately measure the density of the material, density greater than one less than one can be measured.

  Melt flow index.

  Melt index meter is the measurement of material fluidity, with different weights and temperature can measure the fluidity of different environments and materials. (Need to be used with the analytical balance to measure the weight)

  Abrasion machine.

  Abrasion machine measures the abrasion resistance of the material, measuring the abrasion (need to be used with densitometer and analytical balance)

  The above is the basic physical properties of the test, in the measurement of the time also need to sample, so the corresponding equipment for the execution of the sample.



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