Advantages and performance of TPE/TPR

  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
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Advantages and performance of TPE/TPR

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-31
  • Views:528

  Thermoplastic elastomers TPE, TPR materials not only have the high elasticity of plastic, but also have the high processability of injection molding materials, and are very widely used, with many excellent traditions, so for the strong advantages of thermoplastic elastomers to do some introduction.

  Thermoplastic elastomers are safe and non-toxic, and their hardness varies depending on the materials and mixtures used in the process, and their colorability is very good, so they can be used in the production of the products needed to meet a variety of needs. It is also soft to the touch, resistant to pressure and fatigue, and the resistance to high and low temperatures is also very good. The processing performance is also very superior, the processing operation process is relatively simple, saving the production of many similar products complicated process. And can be recycled qualities make it also save a lot of costs. Thermoplastic elastomer TPE, TPR materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled!

  Fiber reinforced, high temperature resistant TPE, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (UCRT) is a new lightweight and high strength engineering structural materials, because of its light weight, cheap, easy to recycle and reuse, the application in the automobile is developing rapidly.

  TPE/TPR thermoplastic elastomer toughening technology, polymer structure material stiffness (including strength) and toughness are two of the most important performance indicators of mutual constraints.

  Filling modification (powder filling) plastic filling modification since the early 1980s into the market, due to its low price, excellent product performance, and improve certain physical properties of plastic products, can replace into resin, and the production process is simple, small investment, with significant economic and social benefits.

  TPE\TPR thermoplastic elastomer flame retardant technology, high efficiency, high thermal and optical stability, low toxicity, low smoke, low corrosion, low impact on processing and mechanical properties, will not cause environmental pollution.

  TPE\TPR thermoplastic elastomer grafting modification, improve the adhesion or solubility of polypropylene with metals, polar plastics, inorganic fillers.

  TPE\TPR thermoplastic elastomer blending modification, plastic blending modification refers to a resin mixed with one or more other resins (including plastic and rubber), so as to change the original resin properties of a modification method. Blends of plastics, also known as polymer alloys, is one of the most effective ways to develop new polymer materials, but also the main way to achieve high performance and refinement of existing plastic varieties.



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