TPE,TPR adult products material is not good under the material with the solution of air bubbles

  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
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TPE,TPR adult products material is not good under the material with the solution of air bubbles

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
  • Views:511

  TPE adult erotic material market into a period of rapid growth, the market usage has increased significantly. The corresponding related to do TPE manufacturers also opened a lot of home, TPE adult products raw material price competition has now entered the white heat, but the quality of this material is really uneven, we all know, after all, a penny a piece.

  Recently received a few network customers or finished products manufacturers to consult me on TPE, TPR adult materials, the most asked questions are: point 1 is whether injection molding or infusion, the material is not good under the machine, the material is a little sticky. The second point is that the products made have bubbles.

  In fact, in the text of our last two articles on the formulation and process of this material have been mentioned in general, here I will not do more narrative, this time we focus on the above two issues can be, I believe that people who have done TPE adult material have encountered such problems.

  1. About the problem of bad material

  This problem is very intuitive, is to do too sticky, sticky grain; bag pouring is not clean, the bag inside the surface sticky layer. Injection molding machine under the mouth of a sticky layer, blocking the mouth of the material.

  This problem is also spoken in the previous text, summarized in a few reasons: the formulation of SEBS high and low points of the amount of collocation, the choice of operating oil, the production temperature, the problem of cooling after cutting the grain, after the process of oil absorption problems. These, as for how to solve, I believe there are many high people, different methods, as long as the problem is solved, I do not dare to comment more.

  2. For the bubble problem arising from the two main causes of.

  (1) because of the reasons for the problem 1, resulting in the melt glue when there is air into the melting cylinder, after the exhaust is not sufficient caused by the solution or to solve the problem 1.

  2) The granulated material contains moisture. This problem is more, most of this reason. To completely solve the sub-problem, for this material is more troublesome. First of all to see most of the manufacturers against the use of water ring cut or underwater granulation, the material after dewatering simply does not filter out the moisture completely clean, no matter how good your dewatering machine, but also the same, and such material can not be dried after heating. So I have noticed during this time, as long as the material does not stick to the water during the production process, the material made is much better than the over water cooling, and the customer applications are more satisfied than the reflection, which is much improved than before.

  Solution ideas.

  1. From your dewatering equipment to think of ways;

  2. from the processing of cutting grain way to think of ways, such as air-cooled cut, but not just any air-cooled on the O.. To ensure that the material is not sticky, to high transparency, but also no moisture (I have done the highest 17 times the oil, that is simply water ah) or you think of your own way to go. Process, equipment is quite important.


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