TPE,TPR wrapped ABS what to pay attention to?

  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
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TPE,TPR wrapped ABS what to pay attention to?

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-26
  • Views:856

  TPE,TPR covered ABS products have met a lot of people's needs in life, it provides a lot of convenience and comfort for people's lives, it has a great impact on people's lives. In life, we often see the figure of wrapped products, such as sports equipment, electronic appliances, and luggage accessories and so on.

  In short, TPE, TPR covered ABS products have a good application in all walks of life. Sometimes the customer in the production of the package out, there are some bad phenomenon, the following analysis of TPE, TPR package ABS what is prone to bad problems?

  First, the phenomenon of lack of glue. This is mostly due to the processing process, processing temperature and pressure are not high enough. So we should increase the injection temperature and injection pressure;

  Secondly, the product produced by overmolding has poor adhesion. This is mainly due to the unreasonable production formula before processing, and the injection temperature is not high enough. Therefore, we should pay attention to improve the injection temperature and adjust the appropriate formula;

  Thirdly, its appearance is not smooth, nor shiny. This is mainly because the raw material moisture is not enough, the processing temperature is not enough to produce. Therefore, when wrapping and processing again, the injection processing temperature should be increased and the moisture of raw materials should be reduced;

  Fourth, in the manufacturing process, it will appear the phenomenon of sticking to the mold. At this time we add some mold release agent will be able to prevent its sticky mold.

  Fifth, the surface cleanliness of ABS products, TPE, TPE material preheating before processing, the choice of color powder or masterbatch on the adhesion of TPE and ABS package also has a certain impact.


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