TPU vs TPE, children's bracelet strap material selection comparison

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TPU vs TPE, children's bracelet strap material selection comparison

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  • Time of issue:2022-07-11
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  At present, there are very many choices of materials for children's watches, most of which use silicone, TPU and TPE materials, and the characteristics of their products are all different in performance. With the rapid development of the smart wear industry, consumers' diversification and requirements for smart wear products are more beautiful and exquisite, silicone is difficult to personalize, skin fit is too good, easy to skin allergies, easy to tactile fatigue and other disadvantages gradually fall out of favor. Due to the low price and cost of silicone, it is still in use in the low-end smartwatch market. Because of the habit of liking to bite food on hand and the need for long-term contact with skin, the choice of raw materials for children's smart watches is particularly important, and it needs to take into account safety, antibacterial and anti-mildew properties and comfort.

  TPU material VS TPE material

  1, safety: TPE and TPU are environmentally friendly non-toxic elastomeric materials, in line with EU environmental regulations and certification.

  2, comfort: each manufacturer their product requirements are different, usually smart watch material hardness is generally 50A-80A. TPU the softest 70A, TPE the softest can be 0A-100A, so TPE feel softer than TPU, more comfortable to wear in the hand.

  3, allergic: TPE and TPU can pass the ISO-10993 skin allergy test, in line with the medical grade and food grade, the price will be a little more expensive than the ordinary.

  4, processability: as we all know, TPU processing and molding demoulding is difficult, TPE processing and molding week as end, demoulding fast, TPE than TPU better design products.

  5, antibacterial: as a children's watch band material, antibacterial anti-mildew is essential. tPE antibacterial performance is better than TPU.

  6, yellowing resistance: children's smart watches will slowly become yellow after wearing for a long time, TPE material yellowing after about a year, TPU about six months yellowing, TPE yellowing resistance is better than TPU.

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