TPE super soft material elastomer 0-15A product industry application cases

  • Time of issue:2022-07-11
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TPE super soft material elastomer 0-15A product industry application cases

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  • Time of issue:2022-07-11
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  At present, TPE soft rubber material is increasingly used in the adult products industry. Different functions of adult products, the hardness and physical properties of the TPE material required are different.

  First, what is the main material of erotic products?

  In terms of material requirements, the material of erotic products should have a relatively good tensile elongation, soft and comfortable to the touch, because it is in contact with the human body and skin, must still be non-toxic and odorless, no allergies or side effects on human skin. SEBS is a hydrogenated product of SBS, which is a block copolymer of styrene and butadiene. SEBS-modified TPE can be used to achieve a variety of softness, so according to different needs, TPE will be made into materials of different hardness. The hardness of TPE is mainly related to the molecular weight of SEBS, oil-filled quantity, PP content, etc.

  1、TPE 10~15 degree material

  Generally used in the production of female dildos, for thicker or solid products, the hardness is generally 10 ~ 15 degrees of transparent TPE (based on SEBS), or TPR (based on SBS). SBS-based TPR cost less than SEBS-based TPE, but TPR material erotic products more easily discolored, touch and tensile properties are also poor; hollow or thin products, usually With hardness 0 to 5A (even lower than OA) transparent soft TPE, processing method for injection molding.

  2、TPE 0 to 10 degree material

  Generally used in the production of female vibrating rings, bows and other erotic accessories, vibrating rings need hardness of about 5 degrees TPE. The base color depends on different manufacturers, generally the base material is SEBS or SEEPS as the basis, the processing method is injection molding.

  3、TPE below 0 degree material

  TPE below 0 degree material (such as 00,000 or C, C is the unit of hardness of super soft material below 0 degree Shore hardness A), used in the production of male toys, such as airplane cups, airplane covers, etc., molding process can choose to infusion, injection molding and other methods.

  4、TPE super soft material

  At present, erotic products manufacturers of TPE material transparency requirements are relatively high, the bottom color of the material requires translucent, not yellowing. There are two main factors affecting the transparency of TPE raw materials, one is the origin of the SEBS base material and the choice of grade, generally imported SEBS base material TPE, its transparency will be better than domestic. Second is the TPE special soft material in the processing of injection molding temperature, sometimes low injection temperature will affect the transparency of the product, especially for high molecular weight SEBS modified TPE.

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