Application advantages of TPE materials in VR virtual equipment

  • Time of issue:2021-09-01
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Application advantages of TPE materials in VR virtual equipment

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-01
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In order to improve the comfort of VR equipment, people in the plastics industry will think of TPE elastomers, which can make VR equipment lightweight and comfortable.

VR (Virtual Reality) is actually a computer system that can create and experience a virtual world. If you use a VR device to play a game, then you will feel like you are actually in the game scene, and all the scenes you see in the game will look like reality. Of existence by your side.

  Why should TPE elastomer, lightweight and VR be linked together?

  In the current VR equipment, optical equipment similar to the picture below is indispensable, and it is tied to the eyes of people when using it. From the information I have learned, the current optical devices are relatively large in size, and after a long wearing time, they are prone to fatigue, and some users are even dizzy and uncomfortable (it is also related to the experience scene).

   This kind of VR device may have a bigger problem for children to wear for a long time. In the development of VR, it will first enter into industries such as games, film and television, and education. A considerable part of the users of this part are young people. They have higher requirements for product wearing comfort. For the elderly in need, long-term It is also unacceptable to wear bulky VR equipment for time.

   Therefore, improving the wearing comfort of VR will become an important part of VR technology. There are two current ideas. One is to improve the technology of optical electronic system and change the current design to make VR equipment smaller. The other is to lighten the VR equipment, use lighter and more comfortable materials to make the equipment, and find a better solution combining the above two points.

   So from a material point of view, what will VR lightweight look like?

1. The lightweight of VR mainly depends on the marketization speed of VR. In the early concept stage, technicians are more to solve the functional problems of VR, but it is indeed very important in the later stage. At present, the housing of VR equipment has already adopted a large number of plastic materials. Because plastics are generally lighter than metals, and plastics are strong, abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and flexible. From the perspective of raw material cost and processing difficulty, plastics are already the first choice, and the equipment will also use elastomer materials. Engineers will make more optimizations in material selection and design to make them more comfortable to wear. Although some technologies can also produce ultra-light metal materials, they cannot be used in VR devices in the short term due to cost and technical barriers. According to the author's understanding, KRAIBURG TPE also has corresponding grades applied to VR products. Subo TPE is also being developed to replace foreign TPE grades.

2. In optoelectronic systems, such as lenses, the use of optical plastic materials is also a trend. Compared with inorganic glass, there are many types of optical plastics, a wide range of optical parameters, more flexible in optical design, and the current optical plastic processing technology is relatively high. Therefore, plastic lenses will also be widely used in VR equipment.

3. By comparing the development of lightweight cars and wearable devices, plastics and TPE elastomers have always played an important role in these two fields, and according to related industry research reports, the amount of plastics and elastomers used in cars and wearable devices It is increasing year by year. Through similar research, the same trend will be shown in VR equipment, and the development speed mainly depends on the VR technology itself. It is understood that the next 5 years are expected to be the stage of the big development window of VR technology, so for plastics and other industries Perhaps usher in a new outlet.

  4. The following points should be considered for suitable VR materials: light and strong, comfortable in contact with the skin, environment resistance, thermal safety, electrical safety and biological safety. Among them, biological safety is particularly important. First, the device is wearable and comes into direct contact with the human body. Second, there is no research report that points out the impact of wearing VR for a long time on the human eye and body. This aspect is worthy of attention.

VR (virtual reality) technology can be widely used in urban planning, interior design, industrial simulation, restoration of historical sites, bridge and road design, real estate sales, tourism teaching, water conservancy and electricity, geological disasters, education and training, and many other fields, providing it with practicality The solution will become a trillion-level market in the future, and now many giants such as Facebook and Google have invested heavily in the research and development of VR technology.

   In short, the current situation of VR is already clear before the development, and the future will inevitably provide unlimited business opportunities for the related industry chain. VR will use a large number of non-metallic materials, and the polymer material industry such as TPE elastomers is in the air, and the future is bright.

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