Introduction to metal surface injection molding TPE, TPR elastomer solution

  • Time of issue:2022-07-11
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Introduction to metal surface injection molding TPE, TPR elastomer solution

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  • Time of issue:2022-07-11
  • Views:506

  A user asked on the Internet, "At present, I need to inject TPE plastic into the metal surface, but the adhesion between the two is very poor when I inject TPE plastic directly into the surface, so I can't stick to it basically. TPE through this layer of material can be closely bonded together, it is difficult to separate. Just like silicone rubber and metal coated with a layer of silane coupling agent can be very strong together."

  Metal surface injection TPE, TPR, to bond firmly, is currently very difficult, at least the author has not seen this type of successful cases. The author's views on this issue are as follows.

  First, through special glue treatment, so that the metal surface is no longer smooth, while having strong adhesion. In addition, this special glue and TPE|TPR have similar polarity, so as to provide an intermediate medium for injection bonding.

  Second, through the special solvent (glue) treatment, the chemical activity of the metal surface is enhanced, if the TPE|TPR to do appropriate polarity modification, it is possible to appear between the metal and TPE material chemically meaningful bonding, resulting in a more solid bond.

  The higher the hardness of the TPE, TPR material, the better for the overall metal package.

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