How does a smart bracelet track human health data?

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How does a smart bracelet track human health data?

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-20
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Smart bracelet is a kind of wearable smart device, many people who are losing weight and like fitness are very favorable smart bracelet. Smart bracelets can record real-time data of exercise, sleep and diet in daily life and synchronize these data with software devices on cell phones to play the role of guiding healthy life through data. For some people suffering from diseases, smart bracelets can also help them to keep abreast of their body conditions and even use smart bracelets and software to submit their information to doctors in hospitals.

  In addition to carrying more hardware and features, APPLE WATCH health monitoring and other brands of smart bracelets on the market are basically the same, so APPLE WATCH is also considered a smart bracelet.

  How does a smart bracelet test human health data?

  The secret hidden in the bracelet within the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and a variety of sensors to monitor some of the data of the human body, but also to specify the diet exercise plan for people, smart bracelet does make a lot of people excited. But such a small bracelet, neither blood, nor the need to stick electrodes on other parts of the body or something, it is how to do monitor the human body?

  A smart bracelet manufacturer Mr. Zhao told us in an interview, now the smart bracelet is equipped with a variety of sensors inside, many smart phones also have sensors, such as the most basic acceleration sensor, distance sensor, barometer / barometric pressure sensor. Smart bracelets have sensors that specifically monitor heart rate, blood oxygen, and skin temperature. These sensors can ensure the collection and detection of information without harming the human body, such as measuring blood pressure heart rate, its data is obtained by testing the changes in the distribution of blood in the skin.

  APPLE WATCH at the time of release has been strongly promoted to monitor the heart rate function is also the use of new technology, relying on the back of the watch cover area, there is a special sensor in the protection of the sapphire crystal, it uses infrared and visible LED and sensor to detect the user's heart rate status.

  In addition to the inside of the human body, the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and pressure sensor in the smart bracelet determine the user's activity by monitoring the amplitude of arm vibrations and oscillations when it comes to motion monitoring.

  Relative to the detection of physical health, the existing smart bracelet in the movement monitoring technology has been relatively mature, so the monitoring performance is still guaranteed, and has developed to be able to do according to weight, exercise time and exercise speed to derive an approximate value of the body's calorie consumption. Smart bracelet can also record the user's sleep status. The use of sensors and other devices to detect the subtle movements of the human body during sleep and analyze the state of the person during sleep.

  Through these sensors, the smart bracelet can be a good way to collect information related to the human body. But just collecting is not enough, Mr. Zhao told us that after collecting various data from the human body, the task of the smart bracelet is basically accomplished, and the rest of the work is left to the cell phone software that is synchronized with the bracelet, and they provide the final detection results.

  Take APPLE WATCH as an example, it has about 10 sensors, the information collected by the sensors is handed over to Apple's HealthKit application or compatible special software, which analyzes the collected data and finally provides useful suggestions to the user.

  Smart bracelet essential features: health tracking and sports monitoring

  I believe that many people would love to have a personal doctor completely their own, to be able to do a check-up every day, and tell you every time you are about to eat too much fat.

  This wish is good, but even if it is your own mother, it is difficult to do so unobtrusively.

  Mr. Zhao believes that the smart bracelet is trying to fulfill everyone's dream, high blood pressure or diabetes patients want to be able to monitor their physical condition, weight loss and insomnia people also want a helper to ensure that they can provide scientific advice and warnings when eating and sleeping.

  With the current technological development, it is difficult to do the above points for the time being, except for smart bracelets or other wearable devices, and even if they do, they have to sacrifice some other things. After all, diabetics don't take their blood glucose meter shopping, and people who lose weight don't put a weighing device in their bag, while small and convenient smart bracelets can ignore most environmental factors and give people with health requirements a way to monitor their bodies, which is what smart bracelets and similar devices are designed to do.

  Mr. Zhao also said that with the development of smart bracelets, various functions have been integrated into the bracelet, health tracking and sports monitoring has become the signature function of smart bracelets, although there is still controversy on issues such as sleep determination, but in general the practicality is guaranteed. He also joked that even people who do not trust the bracelet, put such a beautiful bracelet on, the mood will be better.

  In fact, if they remember the price of this beautiful bracelet, the mood is not good.

  Life details all have to listen to it

  No device or technology is immune to defects and problems.

  There was a user response on the network that a brand of smart bracelet could not be charged, and the findings at the time said it was due to a design flaw in the bracelet. In addition to this, the previously mentioned sleep measurement is also a big controversy, sleep depth is generally measured by reduced physical activity and sensory sensitivity, the current smart bracelet for the precise measurement of sleep depth is still difficult, these are the technical problems to overcome such equipment as smart bracelets.

  Smart bracelets also have two disadvantages that cause a lot of inconvenience.

  First, the smart bracelet can not be removed at will, even when bathing, sleeping with it, otherwise its function can not be reflected. Such a device may completely occupy part of the user's space, and I believe that most people do not like this, especially those who find their girlfriends annoying, because this bracelet is much more powerful than their girlfriends.

  Secondly, the bracelet and the software will be monitored so as to assign a special activity and diet plan to the user, and since the user has purchased this product, he should adjust his life according to its way, especially exercise. This feature raises the relationship between a bracelet and a person from a technical issue to a philosophical level. A bracelet is giving people plans and instructions, but the implementation of these instructions depends entirely on human consciousness, what will be the result? You get the idea.

  With the existing technology of smart bracelets and wearable devices, it is not yet possible to solve these two problems. I don't know if there will be a better solution in the future, but right now, it's not like there is no solution.

  Just don't buy it.

  The future of smart bracelets

  There was once a saying that the purpose of cell phone intelligence is to change the role played by cell phones in human daily life. The original cell phone, is responsible for sending and receiving information courier and operator, after the arrival of smart phones, the cell phone transferred to become a personal secretary, responsible for processing information and providing information.

  The emergence of smart bracelets and other wearable devices seems to indicate that mobile phones will change their role again together with smart bracelets, detecting human body conditions in real time, giving health advice and planning, which have long exceeded the scope of duties of "secretaries", and it can be said that smart bracelets and their functions are further expanding the functions of smart phones. In the future, cell phones and bracelets may be combined into one, just like APPLE WATCH not only has the function of smart bracelet, the two functions can be integrated to complete another role change after the smartphone.

  For human health, the development goal of wearable devices is to replace the original, relatively inefficient health monitoring methods as much as possible. Today, we have long had watch-type blood pressure monitors, and smart watches have brought us a range of monitoring methods, and in the future, when the monitoring functions of smart bracelets and other devices are truly accurate and timely, what functions will we add to them?

  "Master, you are expected to have diarrhea in half an hour, please don't go out for the time being."

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