The new smart toothbrush, the next new market for smart wearable devices

  • Time of issue:2022-05-20
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The new smart toothbrush, the next new market for smart wearable devices

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-20
  • Views:859

Will the smart toothbrush be the next "windfall"? Which toothbrush will finally explode this market? Or is it just a temporary boom, like the smart bracelet? We don't know. What we do know is that in the wind, only those who have the core technology core competitiveness, make the product perfect enough to take advantage of the wind to fly higher.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent hardware technology, more and more household items "to change the face", there are all kinds of smart hardware products on the market, there are many really convenient for people's daily life, there are many people also make people laugh. But it is undeniable that the smart hardware industry is getting hotter and hotter, changing the lives of many people and becoming more and more "intelligent". In the past few years, through the rise and fall of smart wearable devices, in 2016, in addition to the explosion of AR, VR and other fields, we also found some other intelligent products may rise. Among them, more and more people began to focus on oral health, many brands and startup teams began to target their attention to the smart toothbrush piece. In fact, smart toothbrushes have been made by companies for a long time, and the use of electric toothbrushes and sonic toothbrushes has been normalized in Western developed countries. In the country, the smart toothbrush is relatively "niche", especially the price of large brands is not so pro-people, so not many people are concerned about the smart toothbrush market has been lukewarm. This year, the market slowly began to heat up, people's attention to the smart toothbrush is increasing, there is an explosion of the momentum.

  Xiaomi crowdfunding Sush sonic toothbrush officially online, just about two hours, crowdfunding progress of more than 300%. It is reported that this toothbrush is a sonic electric toothbrush built by Soocare Soishi, using magnetic levitation sonic motor, brush head for the United States imported DuPont bristles, at the same time, the toothbrush also supports Bluetooth and cell phone connection, you can get the degree of oral cleanliness on the APP, to provide reference for oral care. Its 1000 mAh battery is full once available for 25 days, only the charging time is longer, it takes 16 hours to be full.

  Philips, a leader in the traditional electric toothbrush world, is a globally recognized pioneer in the field of sonic vibrating toothbrushes. Philips has now expanded its footprint to include children's smart toothbrushes, which are developing rapidly due to a good market base. Philips a variety of brushing mode, suitable for different people, simple and generous design, a lot of variety, but the price is higher. iite tooth white is its world's first children's health education toothbrush is refreshing, recognized by the majority of consumers and investors, is now the leader in the field of children's intelligent toothbrush. ta through the bluetooth connection, collect the child brushing health data, through interactive games, guide Children love to brush their teeth, correct brushing, parents can also monitor the child's brushing through the APP, a good solution for children do not love to brush their teeth, will not brush their teeth, parents can not often accompany, supervise the pain points of the child brushing.

  Although these products have their own advantages and disadvantages, but represents the world's best brands of smart toothbrushes. Not to the traditional electric toothbrush plus Bluetooth module can be called "smart toothbrush", many products called good not sold, are some pseudo-creative pseudo-demand, hanging on the "smart" to sell, so that users gradually lose interest and enthusiasm.

  A good children's smart toothbrush, to solve two problems: one is that children are very resistant to brushing this thing, and many are haphazardly brush, the effect is basically zero; second is that many parents are busy, not every day have time to accompany the child, supervise the child to brush teeth. To solve these two problems, to meet the needs of parents to buy smart toothbrush for children, is considered to cross the threshold of "smart". Although the above brands are focused on toothbrush cleaning technology research and development, but can do a good job of these two points seems to be only iite teeth white this one. A good product, must be very accurate to find the user's pain points, coupled with good design, with high-quality materials, equipped with a perfect process, then this product want not to fire can not.

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