What are the matters to be noted for TPE and TPR ABS? Overmolded hardware molding method

  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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What are the matters to be noted for TPE and TPR ABS? Overmolded hardware molding method

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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  TPE,TPR covered ABS products have met a lot of people's needs in life, it provides a lot of convenience and comfort for people's lives, it has a great impact on people's lives. In life, we often see the figure of wrapped products, such as sports equipment, electronic appliances, and luggage accessories and so on.

  In short, TPE, TPR covered ABS products have a good application in all walks of life. Sometimes the customer in the production of the package out of some bad phenomenon, the following analysis of TPE, TPR package ABS what is prone to bad problems?

  First, the phenomenon of lack of glue. This is mostly due to the processing process, processing temperature and pressure are not high enough. So we should increase the injection temperature and injection pressure;

  Secondly, the product produced by overmolding has poor adhesion. This is mainly due to the unreasonable production formula before processing, and the injection temperature is not high enough. Therefore, we should pay attention to improve the injection temperature and adjust the appropriate formula;

  Thirdly, its appearance is not smooth, nor shiny. This is mainly because the raw material moisture is not enough, the processing temperature is not enough to produce. Therefore, when wrapping and processing again, the injection processing temperature should be increased and the moisture of raw materials should be reduced;

  Fourth, in the manufacturing process, it will appear the phenomenon of sticking to the mold. At this time we add some mold release agent will be able to prevent its sticky mold.

  Fifth, the surface cleanliness of ABS products, TPE, TPE material preheating before processing, the choice of color powder or masterbatch on the adhesion of TPE and ABS package also has a certain impact.

  TPE/TPR is often compounded with plastic, the principle is that TPE/TPR and plastic have close polarity or through polarity adjustment, thus facilitating the bonding of TPE/TPR and plastic coating. But hardware and TPE/TPR is different, one is plastic, one is hardware. It is not a category in terms of material polarity, and it is not a class in terms of melting point. Therefore, TPE/TPR and hardware wrapping, there is no chemical level of bonding, wrapping is very difficult.

  The difference between the real package and the fake package is that the combination of hard and soft glue is different, the mechanism of the real package is chemically compatible compound, the hard glue and soft glue are dissolved under high temperature and combined together. The mechanism of the fake package is physical mechanical compound, is to force the role of the TPE and metal inlay together, said embedded injection molding.

  TPE overmolded hardware


  1.Overall overmolding

  The overall package, equivalent to injection molding a TPE / TPR plastic parts, the hardware products wrapped in it, there is no chemical sense of bonding, package more or feasible. The general use of higher hardness TPE/TPR, hardness 80A or more, can be wrapped, but the wrapped hardware should be the whole package, if only part of the package, it is difficult to achieve.

  2.Partial encapsulation

  Partial wrapping, soft hardness, strength is not enough, difficult to adhere, through the hardware to do hole processing, can strengthen the physical and mechanical combination of TPE and hardware, so as to improve the solidity of the wrapping. This kind of cladding, plastic Bo see many cases of vulcanized rubber parts cladding hardware, but the rubber is vulcanized. Such as the use of injection molding process, TPE/TPR and hardware partially overmolded, it is very difficult. If the hardware is perforated, the TPE/TPR rubber will be injected into the hardware products, or can enhance the solidity of the package. Another customer tries to pre-coat the hardware with glue, and then inject the glue, but the effect is not good.

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