TPE, TPR overmolding processing experience, TPE, EVA, PVC three materials to make yoga mat

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TPE, TPR overmolding processing experience, TPE, EVA, PVC three materials to make yoga mat

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  TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer material, with the advantages of rubber and plastic, soft and comfortable to the touch, good resilience, can be processed with general thermoplastic molding machine, injection molding, extrusion, foam and other processing and molding, the waste can be recycled. Safe, non-toxic and tasteless, no irritation to human skin, no plasticizer, no halogen, no metal, in line with the EU ROHS, SGS and other environmental testing certification.

  eva is an ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer, with good chemical stability, aging resistance, ozone resistance. General elasticity, good shockproof, cushioning performance, but eva plastic odor, eye and skin irritation, commonly used in foam shoe materials, film, hot melt adhesive, toy wire, etc.

  1, tpe material odor is smaller than eva, do yoga mat best to be odorless.

  2, tpe feel, slip resistance is generally better than eva.

  3, tpe material is environmentally friendly non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, while eva will produce irritation to human skin.

  4, tpe can be recycled, eva can not, in the long run, tpe material cost savings.

  TPE yoga mat than PVC and EVA are slightly more expensive, because it uses materials non-polluting non-toxic so the production costs are high. After the use of the feeling it, the first is soft and grip, so that when doing yoga mat can be very good to stick to the ground anti-slip effect is very good.

  Choose yoga mat or to smell whether there is no smell, non-slip, elasticity and other aspects of performance, I hope the above information will help you. Shibe specializes in the production of thermoplastic elastomer TPE\TPR.

  TPE, TPR products will encounter some problems in the processing of overmolding, this article is about TPE, TPR overmolding processing experience, I hope it will be useful to you.

  Two-color injection molding overmolding, material compounding is generally based on two types of materials: hard plastic and soft rubber, of course, in some two-color machine injection molding, there will be hard plastic and hard plastic through a special structural design of composite molding cases. In this article, we are going to talk about another special type of material compounding in two-color injection molding - soft plastic bonding over soft plastic. More than 95% of two-color injection molding cases are composite molding of soft plastic and hard plastic. The hard plastic provides the basic properties of the product, while the soft plastic enhances the functionality and added value of the product. The application of two-color molding of soft rubber and soft plastic is rare, but in recent years, we have come across some actual application cases.

  Examples of soft rubber covered with soft rubber: cell phone protective cover, tool handle, composite suction cup, medical dental glue, toy products, etc. The use of soft rubber covered with soft rubber, whether based on more comfortable user experience of product design innovation, or based on product micro-innovation to attract more users, but at least in the competitive market, for users to choose to give new reasons.

  Soft rubber (TPE,TPR) wrapped soft rubber two-color injection molding in the selection of raw materials of two principles.

  1. The two types of soft rubber overmolded should try to choose the same or blend system close to the material. For example, either both TPR, or both TPU, material blending system is close to ensure good adhesion. If you need to choose two different soft rubber, you need to modify the material of one of the soft rubber.

  2. The first injection molding soft material, than the second injection of soft rubber material, in principle, the hardness should be higher, better heat resistance. In order to ensure that the second injection molding, not due to the high temperature and injection molding pressure, the soft plastic parts to be bonded in the mold cavity deformation.

  In the actual molding process, the injection molding temperature or pressure should be adjusted according to the processing conditions, as well as the replacement of soft plastic material grades when necessary.

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