Comparison of PVC data cable and TPE thermoplastic elastomer material data cable

  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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Comparison of PVC data cable and TPE thermoplastic elastomer material data cable

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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The explosive growth of mobile digital devices, represented by smartphones, has brought great convenience to people's life and work. As the medium between the phone and the charging cable, it is the data cable that does not look too impressive, and its importance is often overlooked. And then a powerful flood of power has to be transmitted to the smartphone through the data line. If the use of poor quality data cable, as usual, will lead to the dilemma of extended charging time. Of course, there is more data transmission instability, easy to break.

  Most of the data cables on the market today use PVC as the outer material, PVC is a relatively inexpensive polymer chemical material, because of the high hardness, non-flammable characteristics and is widely used in data cables, sockets and the shell of electrical appliances. However, because the intimate contact between the data cable and the user is more frequent, so if the user uses PVC material wire, is equivalent to a terrorist hidden around: PVC in the process of artificial synthesis, was added a large number of additives, such as toxic plasticizers, these substances will release toxic substances, light will be irritated human skin, heavy on the human body's internal kidneys, liver, etc. will also produce a considerable amount of damage! And unqualified PVC material, under the exposure to high temperature and ultraviolet light, will release more harmful substances to the human body.

  So, what material is a good data cable?

  The use of TPE / TPR thermoplastic elastomer material data line processing performance is excellent, easy to deploy a variety of beautiful colors, and easy processing, you can achieve a frosted or delicate effect, so that the feel of smooth and non-sticky hands. The material is safe and non-toxic, no odor, no irritation to human skin. Not only that, TPE material to do the data line performance is stable, flame retardant to V0 level, phosphorus-free ozone resistance, safety and environmental reliability of performance, has long been mainstream in foreign countries. So it is not difficult to understand, Apple, Samsung and other cell phones in the field of foreign bull produced by the data line are used TPE / TPR elastomer material.

  So how to distinguish between PVC and TPE/TPR material data line?

  In fact, these two kinds of wire is very good to distinguish, through the "look and smell" can be. First look at the PVC wire, their texture is relatively hard, whether it is wrapped together or stretched out, there is always a more rigid feeling. And the surface of the wire is usually not finely processed, in the light looks rough and dull. After a period of time, the wire will also happen to look very unnatural all kinds of distortion, always can not pull straight, smooth. Some friends who want to shoot beautiful pictures must have had their brains hurt for this. In addition, many poor quality PVC data line smells a more obvious plastic smell, this line "kill" is very large, must respect and stay away.

    I remember as a child, when it comes to toys will think of PVC toys, because at the time like to bite, my mother always taught me that do not play this toy is not good for the body, I was still very confused. And now, even before the curtain is still slowly being replaced by TPR material, so why PVC toys will be replaced by an emerging material, and how does he do this?

  PVC material is low-cost, molding and processing convenient and diverse, easy to match the color, soft to the touch, but such an excellent material will be customs pressure or detention, simply not allowed to go out and not allowed to come in, while TPR material can travel unimpeded in customs.

  TPR soft rubber material is modified with environmental protection plasticizer, no toxic additives, no halogen, non-toxic burning. In line with ROHS, does not contain 6P \ 16P, does not contain PAHs, does not contain nonylphenol NP, does not contain bisphenol A, in full compliance with the EU EN71-3, EN71-9, the United States ASTM-F963 and other toy industry standards.

  The current price of PVC in the toy industry is about 11 yuan a kilogram, while the current mainstream price of TPR in the toy industry is 18 ~ 22 yuan / kg, the specific gravity of PVC in 1.2 ~ 1.4, the specific gravity of TPR in 0.9 ~ 1.1. So from the cost considerations, TPR materials, in addition to the natural advantages of environmental protection, is not as inexpensive as PVC, but why more and more people choose TPR material, you know?

  So that the introduction of TPR material manufacturers, if you are using PVC materials intended to be replaced by a new environmentally friendly materials, whether you are injection molding or want to go further in extrusion, plastic R & D center will be tailored for you to a formula belonging to you, so that your products are more competitive in the market.

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