What are the factors affecting the discoloration of TPE/TPR elastomer products?

  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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What are the factors affecting the discoloration of TPE/TPR elastomer products?

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-22
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TPE/TPR elastomer products discoloration influencing factor one.

  The influence of TPE raw materials on discoloration

  1, the material is contaminated.

  2、High content of moisture and volatiles.

  3, decomposition of colorants and additives.

  TPE/TPR elastomer products discoloration influence factors II.

  The setting of injection molding process in TPE plastic parts also affects product discoloration

  1, screw speed is too high, pre-molding back pressure is too large.

  2, barrel, nozzle temperature is too high.

  3, the injection pressure is too high, too long, the injection speed is too fast to make the product discoloration

  Analysis and conclusion.

  First of all, TPE raw materials on the impact of discoloration, the first and third are easy to understand (colorants, additives degradation and decomposition, their own discoloration, which will naturally lead to discoloration of TPE products), while the second to be experienced readers to explain the interpretation of doubt. As for the injection molding process setting, the three influencing factors may lead to excessive friction shear, or too high temperature, resulting in the possibility of degradation of discoloration, if the material is added to the colorant, the colorant decomposition may occur and lead to the final TPE elastomer products discoloration.

  TPE/TPR elastomer is a new soft material

  The introduction of TPE/TPR elastomer shows a new soft-touch world and brings a new life experience to human beings. It is believed that with the continuous development and innovation of related industries, TPE/TPR elastomers will bring more comfort elements to the future life of human beings. TPE/TPR is a thermoplastic elastomer, which is also called elastomer because of its low hardness, easy to adjust by providing different blends, and the thermoplasticity of plastic. Elastomer TPE/TPR hardness range from ShoreA0~100, the material has unique properties such as soft and comfortable touch, anti-slip and wear resistance, shock absorption and cushioning, good elasticity and sealing. Elastomer TPE/TPR can be molded by single material injection or secondary injection overmolding, or by direct extrusion.

  The unique properties of TPE/TPR are widely used in various industries.

  TPE/TPR is used in daily-use products, tools and hardware, cell phone electronics shell, generally soft TPE/TPR and hard plastic compound injection molding, soft TPE/TPR provides a comfortable grip, TPE/TPR rubber properties provide a unique function of non-slip, comfortable touch.

  2. Adult products. Erotic products. Elastomer TPE/TPR can provide super soft and hard compounding material, used as raw material for adult products. It provides a super soft touch that imitates human skin, making TPE/TPR replace silicone as the most commonly used raw material in the adult products industry.

  3. Shock absorbing and cushioning products. Elastomer TPE/TPR can be used as motorcycle cushion lining, shock absorbing sheath, children's products anti-bumping parts (anti-bumping corner, anti-bumping strip, etc.).

  4. Functional products. Using the elasticity of TPE/TPR, in the computer accessories, electronic products industry, can produce soft rubber button shell

  5. Used in home windows and doors sealing strips, automotive windows and doors sealing strips.

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