Smart wearable devices: the era of wireless technology

  • Time of issue:2021-09-01
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Smart wearable devices: the era of wireless technology

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-01
  • Views:444

On March 26, Huawei exposed a very unique Bluetooth headset during its new product launch conference. It is called Huawei EyeWear, which is a combination of Bluetooth headset and glasses, which supports light touch to turn on and wireless charging. Coincidentally, the second-generation AirPods that have just been put on the shelves also use wireless charging technology. What happened to mobile phone manufacturers?

  Bluetooth headset itself is a "wireless" headset developed to get rid of the shackles of wired. The adaptability of this technology with wireless charging is actually relatively high.

   With the wirelessization of various mobile phone accessories, their charging has also become a problem; the use of line charging will be more cumbersome, and it is unnecessary and too wasteful to equip multiple chargers. And wireless charging can solve this problem very well. It is simple and convenient to charge mobile phones and earphones.

   The relatively prosperous reverse wireless charging in the mobile phone field also has a strong stimulus effect on accessory products and promotes the upgrade of wireless charging for earphones.

   In fact, at this stage, we can not only see many Bluetooth headsets that support wireless charging, but in other accessory products, wireless charging is also glowing. For example, the second-generation Apple Pencil can be directly attached to the side of the iPad Pro for charging. The new iPhone battery back clip also comes with wireless charging.

  There are more smart wearable manufacturers who carry it into various bracelets and jewellery to bring customers different surprises. For example, a domestic company has launched a smart jewelry bracelet, which looks no different from the outside. However, a very small receiving chip is built in the jewelry, and the magnetic resonance wireless charging technology of the domestic microgoose is used, so that the small chip can also have a long enough charging distance, and realize the dual combination of the beauty and practicality of smart jewelry.

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