Sennheiser is acquired by Sonova as it misses out on TWS headphones

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Sennheiser is acquired by Sonova as it misses out on TWS headphones

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On May 7, Sonova, the world's largest hearing aid manufacturer, officially announced that it had signed an agreement with Sennheiser to acquire the latter's consumer electronics business unit. Sennheiser used to be the world's traditional audio giant, the first of the traditional four HiFi brands, however, the volume of this "elephant", because of the missed opportunity of TWS headphones, but also inevitably eclipsed the end of the field.


For music / headphone enthusiasts, Sennheiser brand is well-known - he is the world's traditional audio giant, the first of the four traditional HiFi brands, once occupying the first share of the global headphone market. However, spare this volume of "elephant", in front of the flood of the times can not turn in time, but also inevitably eclipsed the end of the field.

It is understood that the purchase price of 200 million euros, about 1.56 billion yuan, Sonova will be paid in cash, while Sennheiser's 2020 revenue of the business of 250 million euros, about 1.94 billion yuan. The transaction is still subject to regulatory approval, and Sennheiser plans to complete the transfer of the business, which includes about 600 employees, by the end of 2021.

Sennheiser, born in Germany in 1945, has a history of 76 years. With years of accumulated audio technology, Sennheiser has gradually become one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems, and the most famous of which is the "Big O" series. 1991, Sennheiser launched the first generation of limited edition Orpheus Orpheus HE90, easily won the world's hall of fame The sound king headphones, is the headphone industry forever legendary, headphone enthusiasts affectionately called it "Big O", so far there are still rumors of a certain audiophile audition Big O silent tears of the legendary story.

The traditional audio giant Sennheiser's loss in the consumer headphone market is certainly caused by a combination of factors, but the industry generally believes that the "loss of momentum" in the TWS headphone battle is one of the main reasons.

Late start is only one aspect, from another dimension, and cell phone manufacturers, compared to traditional HiFi audio brands in doing TWS headphones does not have the advantage.

Sonova acquisition of Sennheiser, is also looking at these advantages of the latter. In the announcement, Sonova said that Sennheiser's portfolio of personal audio devices fits well with its future vision of a world where everyone can enjoy listening. The deal will allow the company to further expand its attractive product portfolio while further expanding its channel presence and customer base in the fast-growing true wireless headphone (TWS) market as well as in the emerging voice enhanced listening segment. The partnership between the two will allow Sonova to leverage its audiology expertise with the Sennheiser brand to enhance the audio experience.

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