Meizu full intelligent watch: 1499 yuan wrist "phone"

  • Time of issue:2022-03-14
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Meizu full intelligent watch: 1499 yuan wrist "phone"

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-14
  • Views:417

Not a big bracelet! This is the "phone" I want on my wrist. In an era where heads are everywhere, almost everyone's life and time are dominated by cell phones. However, whether from a health perspective or otherwise, this actually should not and does not deserve to be encouraged. Perhaps for this reason, some years ago, Apple and Android manufacturers almost at the same time launched the "usage management" function, hoping that users can self-control, as little as possible to use the phone.


However, it seems that users' self-awareness alone cannot contribute much to "resist" the total domination of cell phones, but still need to provide some practical means to share the intelligence of cell phones, reduce the involvement of cell phones, so that users can move away from the screen of the phone and allocate time to things worth focusing on . In fact, there are some things that can be carried by smart wearable devices - such as smart watches, true wireless headphones, etc..

This time we will only talk about the watch. For what kind of posture the watch should exist in relation to the phone, each manufacturer gives different choices, the choice is to make it a large bracelet attached to the phone, once you leave the phone can only look at the time, look at the heart rate (even part of the smart watch can not look at the heart rate). The Meizu seems to have thought about this for quite a long time, and the answer given is - Meizu full smart watch.

This work let us see a lot of Meizu in the smartphone has shown the sincerity of extension - full-blooded small screen, global gestures, linear motor, fast charging, etc., all together on the Meizu smart watch; this work is equipped with eSIM as standard, and even equipped with Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS and many other modules, which means that it can achieve independent communication from the phone.

Meizu full smart watch also cooperated with Maxim to develop health and sports monitoring system, finally opened the layout of health and sports field investment. Without the need of cell phone as a medium, Meizu full smart watch can independently control Meizu's Lipro smart home, and even Lipro LED realizes the interaction of light switch and brightness adjustment according to the voice, touch and wrist lift custom operation of Meizu watch.

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