OPPO Watch 2 Dual Core + Dual System

  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
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OPPO Watch 2 Dual Core + Dual System

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-09
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Due to the epidemic, the public is paying more and more attention to health, which also brings great opportunities for wearable devices. Domestic major cell phone manufacturers have also crossed the border and launched their own smartwatches with colorful functions, and the whole smartwatch market is a hundred of them, completely breaking the previous situation where Apple Apple Watch was the only one. As one of the head brands of smartphones, OPPO naturally did not leave this field of smart watches behind. Recently, OPPO has released the flagship watch that claims to be comprehensive without shortcomings - OPPO Watch 2, claiming to be the ceiling of the watch market.


OPPO Watch 2 follows the design style of a generation, equipped with 1.91-inch AMOLED double curved flexible screen, resolution of 402x476, PPI up to 326, support the highest 60Hz refresh rate, while improving the display effect under strong light, outdoor display is also clearer. The OPPO Watch 2 also uses the exclusive "UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology" to solve the pain point of battery life. There is also a "Light Smart" mode. In this mode, the smartwatch becomes a sports watch, focusing on health and sports functions, retaining only the core functions related to heart rate, blood oxygen, and sports monitoring, with a maximum battery life of 16 days. The official claim is that it can be used for a whole day in 10 minutes of charging and takes only one hour to fill up.


Of course, OPPO will not forget the core functions of smart watches - health and sports monitoring. oPPO Watch 2 health upgrades compared to the previous generation, continuous blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring and snoring risk assessment, 24-hour irregular heart rate monitoring, etc., sports upgrades more than 100 kinds of sports mode monitoring and sports ability assessment, and supports a variety of third-party health building devices. OPPO Watch 2 supports a variety of third-party health-building devices.

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